June 2023

On June 20, the Gainesville-Hall Development Authority awarded $15,000 to each company for their participation in the Apprenticeship Model (APP101). ElringKlinger, IMS Gear and Voyant Beauty are the most recent recipients of this apprenticeship reward. Each company has an existing employee that accepted the challenge of a 2-year Apprenticeships whereby the apprentice works full time with structured on-the-job training and while attending related technical training at Lanier Technical College. Upon completion these apprentices are promoted, are compensated for their increased value to the company, and receive US Department of Labor certification. The ARC grant, awarded through the Development Authority, applies to Industrial Maintenance, Machinist, and Quality Technician apprenticeships.

“We have seen the benefits of putting our employees through these apprenticeship programs, and with this funding we are grateful that we can start more,” said Tobias Martin, IMS Gear. “There is always the possibility that the people we put our efforts into may end up leaving us. At the end of the day though, we believe that if we show our employees we care about their growth within our company the idea of leaving won’t cross their minds.”

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