October 2022

MFG Employer Partnership Members pictured representing: Workforce Strategies Group LLC, Ranger Manufacturing, American Yazaki Corporation, Haering Precision USA, Automation Direct, WorkSource Georgia Mountains, ASI Southeast.
ASI-Southeast, the number one manufacturer of bathroom partitions in the world, hosted a tour for the Region 2 MFG Sector Employer Partnership in Stephens County. ASI has 400 employees in Georgia and 105 employees located at this Southeast HQ. They prioritize the Workforce Development Pipeline by employing 11 Work Based Learning (WBL) students, six apprentices, and offer their team members 40 hours each of Employee Development Training per year. These solutions answer problems like developing team member character, staffing second shift, and reducing the skills gap specifically in CNC, Robotics, and Maintenance. Manufacturing Manager Stephen Wallace shared his beliefs about the ASI team by saying “My job is providing an atmosphere comfortable enough for them to share their ideas and giving them the tools to make it happen.”

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